Because one Do Min Joon is not enough for all of us…

The fact that everyone is supporting Kim Yuna is more valuable than any medal. It is global acknowledgement of her skills.

Kim Yuna 2014 Sochi Olympics | Short Program

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Short Program @ the 2014 Sochi Olympics (CBC)

New York, 2013

posted 6 months ago

Happy New Year!

I just got back from New York yesterday morning, and I’m in full lazy mode. It feels so weird not doing anything, as I’m used to walking all day for 2 weeks there.

posted 6 months ago

“$250 for a meet and greet? You better get to suck their dick or something” — my mom (via christmasbarakat)

Currently in New York, and I’m going for the Christmas countdown at Rockefeller later on :D
Merry Christmas, guys ♡

posted 7 months ago